Small Steps to Accomplishments

My recent spell of Depression has caused me to let a lot of things go. I forget to pay the bills because I just don’t want to worry about money, I always find an excuse not to go to the gym, and I have neglected many household chores. This has caused additional stress for my husband because he feels he has to take up the slack.  He can’t understand why I am not able to do normal everyday activities.  I try to explain what Depression feels like but it is hard to make someone understand who is not going through it themselves.  So, what can I do to get myself motivated again?

I decided to make a Chore Chart. Yeah, this sounds like something parents do to encourage kids to help around the house but here is my idea:  if I post a list of things to do for the week on the refrigerator, I’ll see it every time I walk into the kitchen!  (I tried writing lists on a little notepad but I would just lose it in the pile of mail and never look at it again).  As I accomplish a task, I check it off for that day. By the end of the week I will see what I have accomplished.  It will be motivating to see my progress and encourage me to do more!

I have been using this chart for the past three weeks.  I have already added items to the list and have even been to the gym a few times!  I am hoping this will make the tasks more automatic and become regular habits again.  We will see how the next few weeks go.  I’ll keep you posted.  Take care!

Example of chart: Chore Chart

Until next week,


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