Get it Together, Medicinally

One of the things I struggle with is keeping track of all the medicines I take. You would think after being Diabetic and having Thyroid disease for over 20 years, I won’t forget to take my medicine! But, it happens.

For the past few years my blood sugar has been hard to control. The first thing I did to take control again was get an insulin pump. At first I thought it would make things more complicated but it actually has made things easier. I always have my insulin with me so this has helped me not to forget to take my insulin with me to a restaurant. This gave me better control because I am not missing doses.

Another practice I use is leaving me reminder notes. I have to take my thyroid hormones and test my glucose before I eat so I put a note on my monitor to remind me to take my other medication.   In the evening, the note reminds me to take my nightly medicines.

One additional thing I have done is to get automatic refills at the pharmacy. This helps because I don’t have to keep up with calling the pharmacy all the time.  The pharmacy sends me an email when they need to be refilled and I just pick them up when they are ready!

Until next week,



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