Keeping the Faith

Since my last post in May, my depression has gone into remission.  My thoughts are clear, I am more organized, and my mood is happier.  I am planning a party for the end of this month.  I am looking forward to spending some “girl time” with friends and family members. As I look back, I remember my state of mind a few years ago when I experienced my second hospitalization due to depression.  Upon admission, I was in denial about needing help.  I refused to take medication and tried to control the situation myself.  After resigning to the reality that I needed to stay in the hospital for awhile, I asked for some reading material.  My husband brought me an inspirational book and I was reminded that one can cast all troubles to God, give them over to Him and he will carry one through.  I realized I was trying to control the situation myself instead of putting my faith in God.  I then submitted to treatment and was released from the hospital.  As I entered my third round of depression last year, I recalled that experience.  This time I kept my faith, putting my trust in God and followed the recommended treatment from the start. Today being healed from my despair again the song “Forty”, sung by one of my favorite bands U2, comes to mind.  The lyrics are derived from the first three verses of Psalm 40: “I waited patiently for the Lord, He inclined and heard my cry.  He lift me up out of the pits, out of the miry clay.  I will sing, sing a new song… He set my feet upon a rock, made my footsteps firm.  Many will see, many will see and fear.  I will sing, sing a new song.  I will sing, sing a new song.” I have been down a deep pit but the Lord kept me steady and now I am singing a new song. Until next time, Danya    


6 thoughts on “Keeping the Faith

  1. I love your blogg and have been waiting to see more of your inspirational writnings. Please keep on writing it is very helpful and makes me hopeful. Thank you for making this creative blog site.


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