RELENTLESS GRIEF (#3) Sacrifice of Chronic Illness

So, here I am grieving once more.  How much grief can one person take?  Apparently quite a bit!  I can never seem to get past grief.  That is my life due to the fact that my body is continually beating itself up with auto-immune diseases.  Each time I get a new diagnosis or a new complication from my sicknesses I have to endure more despair.

I have experienced so many losses.  What more will happen to my body from all my illnesses?  I now have Psoriatic Arthritis which may be causing degeneration of my spine and damage to my joints while the Fibromyalgia at times causes my muscles to ache.  Will I one day become completely dependent on others to care for me?  Maybe.  But I cannot have fear. As I have already learned fear holds one back from living.

For now, I can still function and care for myself.  So, I will continue helping others when I can instead of feeling like I should.  I will continue working and writing with hopes of encouraging others.  When I am frustrated or angry I will use meditation to center myself and not loose focus.  I will use the spiritual energy from my parents to carry on–marching forward.  And I will spread the love of God to others.  As the song says, “…they will know we are Christians by our love…”



4 thoughts on “RELENTLESS GRIEF (#3) Sacrifice of Chronic Illness

  1. Danya, you are an amazing person and deserve to be a #1 Best-selling author some day. It is very brave of you to share your life story with others.


  2. Danya. Thank you for bringing to the surface so many diseases and conditions that many experience but are unwilling to share. You are a courageous, strong woman who is determined to have success. Just never forget how much God loves you in spite of the trials you face. I pray for you daily.


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