I’m Tired!

Most people think when someone says they are tired, the person just needs to rest or take a nap.  But for the person who is fatigued that is usually not enough.  Fatigue is often a symptom of those with Chronic Illnesses.  But what does it feel like to be fatigued versus just being tired?

Tired is when you feel better after taking a nap.  Fatigue is when you are still tired even after waking from a nap.

Tired is when you wake up early, work all day and feel refreshed when you wake up the next day.  Fatigue is when you sleep all night and when you wake up you feel like you did not sleep at all.

Tired is when you stayed up too late, get up, and feel better after you take a shower. Fatigue is when you wake up, take a shower and you need to go back to sleep because you have no energy.

Tired is when you work all day, go to the grocery store, cook dinner and clean the dishes afterwards.  Fatigue is when you go to the grocery and then need a nap when you get home.

You can see there is a big difference in being tired and fatigued.  Tiredness can affect your day but fatigue can last several days and even months for those with sickness.  Being tired can make you temporarily forgetful but fatigue can affect your overall concentration.  Most people do not understand what true fatigue feels like.  I know from experience, I will take being tired over fatigue any day!


2 thoughts on “I’m Tired!

  1. Danya,
    I get tired reading about your fatigue, not fatigued, but tired. Praying for healing and comfort–rest for your soul.


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