Here are the top three myths about living with Chronic Illness:

Myth #1:  If you take your medicine everything should be fine.

The Fact:  There are side effects to a lot of medicines.  Some cause weight gain or loss, increased blood sugar, blood pressure or damage to other organs creating new problems.  Also each person’s body responds to medicine in different ways and as time goes on one can develop a tolerance to a certain medication so constant monitoring is necessary.


Myth #2:  People use their Chronic Illness diagnosis as an excuse to get  out of responsibilities or activities.

 The Fact:  On the contrary, people who live with Chronic Illness want to be “normal” and be a part of normal daily activities.  Missing opportunities can lead to disappointment and even Depression.  In addition, most people with Chronic Illnesses do experience fatigue on a regular basis.  One’s body is in a constant flight-or-fight response which creates fatigue.


 Myth #3:  If you take these _________ (vitamins, supplements, etc.) or do  ________ ( exercise, acupuncture, etc.) you will feel better and  be cured.

The Fact:  Again, each person’s body responds to treatment differently.  Just because it worked for one person does not mean it will work on another person.  Furthermore, a chronic condition is never cured.  Chronic means it does not go away.  The different types of treatment may reduce the complications or effects of the disease but it will not be cured completely.


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