One word I have heard several times since I have started this blog is courage.  I have been told by some that I am courageous.  Since I have difficulty praising myself I find this hard to believe.  So I looked up the word courage.  I found an article in Psychology Today: “The Six Attributes of Courage” written by Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.  The six attributes she lists are:

  1. Feeling fear yet choosing to act: I feel I have fulfilled this attribute during my battle with Depression.  Even though I did not want to be in the hospital, I admitted myself several times and learned from the experience.
  1. Following your heart: I feel I have followed my heart by allowing myself to grieve for what I have endured while living with multiple illnesses.  I also embrace a passion for helping others and that is why I started this blog.
  1. Persevering in the face of adversity: No matter what obstacles I face, I always keep going.  When I get knocked down, I get back up again.  Although it is difficult to manage my illnesses while continuing with daily life, I do not give up on trying.
  1. Stand up for what is right: Since I have started this blog I feel I am a voice for those who live with invisible illnesses.
  1. Expanding your horizons, letting go of the familiar: I was once very secluded and had a few close friends.  I now enjoy meeting new people and interacting with others.  I have joined groups at my church and am looking forward to starting a support group for others living with chronic illnesses.
  1. Facing suffering with dignity or faith: In my lowest moments, I have turned to God and my bible for strength.  At one point I did lose my faith but soon realized I was empty without it.

I would have never believed in the past that I was courageous but the facts show I am.  And better yet, I feel courageous.


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