Of course a person who loves me is my husband Shane.  I know he loves me by the actions he takes.  I understand it is his actions not his words that show me he loves me, he is not much for conversation.

Shane was brave when he took me to the hospital the first time I was going through Depression (and the five times after that).  We didn’t know at the time that what is was but he knew he needed to take action.  He has stood by me during my darkest times and for that I am very grateful to him.

Shane is always willing to do the extra things I don’t have the energy to do due to my illnesses.    He cleans the house, washes the dishes, and washes clothes when he knows I am not able to do it.  He takes care of our yard and fixes things around the house.  I know he does these things to make it easier for me and I am grateful to him.

When Shane is off from work he usually has an activity planned for us.  This tells me he understands that I desire quality time with him.  We try new restaurants, go to special events, and take vacations to go hiking.  I enjoy hiking but cannot go as far now.  So I will find a place to enjoy the peaceful scenery and give Shane the opportunity to explore and take photographs, his favorite hobby.

I love my husband and I know he loves me.  I could not have made it far without his love and support.  He is my rock during the storms of life and I am grateful to have him in my life.


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