I was born with a rare condition called Nesidioblastosis.  Normally a person’s pancreas secretes insulin after one eats carbohydrates to lower the blood sugar back to normal.  When one is not eating the pancreas secretes glucagon to raise the blood sugar.  This creates a homeostatic blood sugar which is normally about 75 – 110.  In my case, the pancreas was secreting insulin all the time causing my blood sugar to go down to ten and even five.  This resulted in me having seizures and going into comas.  The doctors told my parents if this continued I could die.  If I did survive, I would be a “vegetable”.

The doctors decided to do surgery to find out if there was a tumor on my pancreas.  When I was six weeks old they cut me all the way across my stomach to explore.  There was no tumor so, they decided that if they removed most of my pancreas it would secrete less insulin and solve the problem.  Well, that didn’t work!  I still continued with low blood sugars and comas!  They told my parents there was an experimental drug they could try.  They did not know if it would work or what side effects it caused by it is the last resort.  My parents had great faith and allowed them to give me the medicine.  Praise God, it worked!  I took the medication until I was eight years old.  At that point my pancreas burned out and they were able to take me off the medication.

Even today I can still see the scar across my stomach.  It reminds me that I am a survivor.

Here is a photo of me after the surgery:



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