The word opinion is defined as a view formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.  A second definition is an estimation of quality or worth.  For most of my life my beliefs about myself were derived from other people’s opinion.  I thought if I didn’t have designer clothes I wasn’t as rich as those that did.  I thought I wasn’t smart because I did not make the highest grades.  I thought that I was not as pretty as others because I was overweight.  Therefore, I struggle to believe I have worth.

One’s worth should only be determined by the ideals of one’s self rather than the view others form without knowing the facts. I know for a fact I am a contributing member of society who cares about our community.  I also know that my actions prove I am worthy of merit.  If I acknowledge the fact that I am worth something, I will be confident in loving myself.   It is important to accept I am worthy according to my belief and not others.



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