This month is National Nutrition Month.  To spread awareness, I am going to talk about the My Plate method of eating.  Since I am Diabetic, my body does not secrete insulin which causes my blood sugar to rise when I eat carbohydrates, an energy compound found in plant foods.  The My Plate method helps me control my carbohydrate intake thus keeping my blood sugar more balanced.  It is also an easy process to use to regulate portion sizes.

The way the My Plate Method works is easy.  Just divide up your plate into sections:  half of the plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables, a quarter of the plate is for protein, and the other quarter of the plate is for grains.  Dairy is added on the side.  Here is photo representation:


Some additional tips:

  1. Choose whole fruits in a variety of colors.
  2. Vary your vegetables choosing a variety of colors. Increase veggie consumption by adding them to soups, stir-fries, wraps and sandwiches.
  3. Make half your grains whole grains. Eat brown instead of white rice.  Try oatmeal for breakfast and popcorn for snacks.
  4. Choose low-fat milk or yogurt.
  5. Vary your proteins by including eggs, beans, and seafood.
  6. Limit sodium and saturated fats. Choose vegetable oils instead of butter and oil-based sauces instead of butter or cream sauce.
  7. Enjoy the process of cooking! Make it a challenge to see how colorful you can make your plate!


Visit the My Plate website,, for more information.


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