Wow, we are already at the end of the 1st quarter of the year!  I started this year with taking the Love Me Challenge.  This helped me gain insight into loving myself more.  It was my first action towards my goal of improving balance in my life.  If I first love myself, everything else should fall in place behind it.

Because I started the year with the challenge, I did not have a opportunity to share my word for 2017.  Instead of a list of New Year resolutions I choose a motivational word for the year.  Can you guess what it is?  Yes, it is ACTION!  I am at a better place now with my medical issues stabilizing.  The next step to progress is to act on making changes.  My ultimate goal is to maintain awesome dynamism using my 6M method.  I introduced this concept last year. (My 6M’s are:  Medicate, Movement, Manage, Meditate, Motivate, and Maturate).  Life got in the way and I was not able to accomplish my goals therefore; I am tired of just talking about making changes.  It is now time to just do it!

So, my second action this year was to get a new insulin pump that has a continuous glucose monitor.  This device displays my blood sugar level so I can monitor it all day long allowing me to react faster to highs and lows.  I think this will help keep my blood sugar more stable during times when I am having a flare-up from the Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis.  The stress of these two illnesses increases my blood sugar making Diabetes management difficult.

My third action for the year was purchasing a Simply Fit board.  This is a balance board one stands on, then twisting the body, moves the board side to side.  It is a great workout for the whole body.  I leave my board at work and use it during my morning and afternoon 15 minute breaks.  This gives me 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Currently I do not do it for a full 15 minutes at a time but that is my goal.  Movement, exercise, is one of the more challenging of the 6M’s to accomplish because I always feel like I don’t have the time.  Doing it on my breaks at work is double benefit.  Not only can I squeeze exercise in my day, it also gives me a break from sitting at the computer.

Writing this blog post has motivated me more since it is evident that I am actually starting to take action!  I am excited to see what will happen in the next quarter of this year!


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