It’s already summer, time is flying by.  Well, in my last update I talked about how this year is my year of ACTION!  I am working towards my goal of living a balanced life with multiple chronic illnesses.

Beginning June 1st this month, I started a new approach to my spiritual life.  I read the book “Writing Down Your Soul” written by Janet Conner.  The book talks about writing from your subconscious mind.  It explains the process of reaching one’s deeper thoughts through a spiritual ritual.  This book has encouraged me to mediate on God’s word every night and practice writing from my soul.  This has helped me engage in one of my goals, meditation.  I feel a greater connection to my faith as well as a greater connection to others.  I first use aromatherapy to calm myself, then read some scriptures from the bible, pray, then write.  I call it my Awakening Ceremony.

The second action I have been working on is exercising more.  I have been working up to two 15 minute sessions a day on my Simply Fit board.  So far I have been doing it almost everyday this month.  I have had some improvement with not feeling as stiff.  Plus, my ankles have not been as swollen.

I am looking forward to seeing progress on these two goals.  We will see what happens in the next quarter!


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