Yes, I am a southpaw.  It is believed the term southpaw originated from baseball.  A left-handed pitcher was called a southpaw because the pitcher faces south.

Here is a top five list of problems left-handers encounter in a right-handed world

5.  Sitting at the dinner table:  The left-hander has to sit to the left side of a right-hander or there will be a fight of the elbows!

4.  The silver sleeve/hand:  When writing with a pencil, if wearing long sleeves the left-hander has to pull the sleeve up so the pencil dust does not get all over the sleeve.  This also applies to the hand.  The left-hander often has to wash the hands after writing with a  pencil because of the silver dust accumulated on the side of the hand as a result of the hand gliding over the words that have already been written.

3.  The three ring binder/spiral notebook:  How can the left-hander write to the edge of the paper?!

2.  Scissors: Never get a straight cut because the blades are not facing correctly!

1.  Hearing “Oh, you are left-handed” all the time!


Image result for left handed meme


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