photo of orange yellow and red hello molding clay

HELLO!  It has been long time, no write!  March 2019 to be exact.  I am not sure what happened during the rest of the year.  Wow time flies!  I guess I decided to take an unexpected hiatus from writing and never sent an update.  I have returned and to refresh things, I updated the format of this blog.

Well,  here we are in a new decade.  Maybe this will be my year to stick to a plan the whole way through.  Speaking of a plan, I had an article posted on The Mighty about my word for this new year:  https://themighty.com/2020/01/one-word-instead-new-years-resolutions/.   To correct a portion of the article, my word for last year was actually “mindful”.  The word “intention” was my word for 2018.

I am hoping to return to a more regular posting schedule, at least once a month.  We will see how the year goes as my illnesses sometimes derail my focus.  Please check out The Mighty website, it is a great support for people who live with illness as well as caregivers.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May your year be healthy and prosperous!


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