2nd Quarter Update – “Vision” is Improving


Hi all!  I know I have been slacking again.  I haven’t posted in a while.  This pandemic although has been difficult, does have some positives.  Being home more has put me in an organizing mode.  This is sharpening my 20/20 “vision”, my word for this year.

In first quarter I started cleaning out closets and reorganizing things to minimize the “stuff” in my life. Then the pandemic began and I started working from home.  Things were crazy at first but I have adjusted.  The work from home effort has proved to be a positive experience so far.  I have much more time in the mornings and afternoon because I am not spending time sitting in traffic and commuting to work.  I am much more relaxed, less hurried and have more opportunity to plan my time.  Hopefully this will transfer to everyday “normal” life when I have to go back to work at an office.  This extra time has also allowed me to reorganize what I started at the beginning of the year and fine tune my efforts.

Craft Closet

I have eliminated even more excess stuff and developed a system of where and how to store the stuff I chose to keep.  By being more organized I again save time searching for things and allows me to focus on what I want to accomplish.  I have even started crafting greeting cards again which I plan on donating to an organization who distributes cards to individuals who are hospitalized in local hospitals and those on active military duty.


In addition, I am working on another project.  Last month I began taking a class on-line to be certified as a Mental Health Coach.  This opportunity was provided by my church.  It allows the church to provide care and support to those who have mental difficulties.  This opens up a safe place where people can get direction on an issue that most find hard to cope with.  I am excited about learning more and sharing my own experiences with others about mental health issues.

As far as the pandemic, I have been staying safe as possible and am healthy.  For the past few months our city has been on a stay at home order so I wasn’t going anywhere other than the grocery store.  In the past three weeks, stores have been re-opening so things are getting back to as normal as it can be for now.  I have been going out shopping but I always wear my mask and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with me.  I feel even though have a compromised immune system, I can still experience life while keeping safe.

Have a great summer and stay healthy!




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