About Me


Welcome to my blog!  I started this blog in 2014 when I was diagnosed with Major Depression to assist me with my therapy, but I have been ill since birth due to one condition or another.  I am convicted to share my experiences hoping it will help others cope and gain inspiration to live a happy life with chronic illnesses.

I was born with a rare medical condition called Neisidioblastosis. This caused an overproduction of insulin which resulted in seizures and comas. At six weeks of age, I had most of my pancreas removed and took an experimental drug until I was eight to control my blood sugar.  I also had Epilepsy which I outgrew and since then have been diagnosed with:  Psoriasis, Diabetes, Thyroid disease (Hashitoxicosis which is Hashimoto’s and Grave’s disease at the same time), Psoriatic Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Major Depression.

Although I spend a lot of time dealing with illness I still enjoy going to church, spending time with my husband and family and taking walks with my dog.  I appreciate doing any type of creative activity including dancing, writing, making paper crafts, scrapbooking, and cooking.  Being a native Floridian, I love warm weather and relaxing on the beach.

I believe the best strategy to coping with multiple illnesses is managing each aspect of life, not just the medical stuff.  It is important to include mental, social, and spiritual aspects as well to be totally copacetic.  Please join me on my journey to maintaning balance while living with multiple autoimmune disorders and Depression!  Together we can do it!  Thanks for visiting!

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I try to live by the motto: Don’t let your illness define you. A chronic illness is a part of us, but it is not who we are. Keep pushing onward soldier for there is a purpose for everything under heaven and I feel that God chose the strong ones to cope with autoimmune disease, so that must mean you’re a fighter like me 😉
    God Bless!


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