Bracelet of Courage

I created this bracelet based on the idea from “Beads of Courage”,


Each bead represents an illness or milestone.

Pink and white bead- represents my infant illness, Neisidioblastosis and the removal of part of my pancreas at six weeks of age.

Number 8- After my surgery I still had Neisidioblastosis and suffered from seizures and comas.  I was put on an experimental medication which controlled my blood sugar until I was eight years old.

Purple and black – represents Epilepsy which I was diagnosed with at about age 5.

Three blue beads- represent my three Autoimmune Disorders, Psoriasis, Diabetes, and Thyroid disease.

Daisy bead (next to 1st blue bead)- represents the rash I get from Psoriasis.

Ribbon with drop of blood- signifies hope for a cure from Diabetes and all the times I have to stick my finger to test my blood.

Sunflower bead (next to 3rd blue bead)- represents the radiation treatment I took to kill my Thyroid gland.

Three green and white beads – signify the three times I was hospitalized for Depression.

Family bead (next to 1st green bead)- represents the support of my family I received from my 1st round of Depression.

Black and silver beads (next to 2nd and 3rd green beads)- signifies each year of therapy I received after a Depression episode.

Heart bead (next to 2nd black and silver bead)- is in honor of my mother.  The second round of Depression helped me to heal from her passing.

The final bead (and hopefully the last) – The Faith bead.  Through all of this I learned to keep faith and have courage.

Beads were purchased from:


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