One component of my 6M method to maintaining a balanced life with chronic illness is motivation.  (The other components are medication, movement, manage, meditate and maturate).  Being creative is one way I motivate myself.  It utilizes all parts of the brain and I am encouraged when I finish a project.  Here is an attempt at acrylic painting.  I am definitely not Michelangelo but it was fun and relaxing making the attempt.




It is sometimes difficult to continue living a hopeful life while enduring constant affliction from my multiple chronic illnesses.  When things get most challenging, it is my faith in God that gives me hope to continue in life.  Some people ponder, how can a person with chronic illness still have faith in a God that doesn’t heal all of one’s sickness?

My father survived cancer three times.  During his second battle, I asked him how he could continue to have faith in God even though he got cancer again.  He explained, “God does not promise life is going to be beautiful all the time like roses.  There are thorns on the rose bush.  We will get stuck by several thorns before we get to the rose, which is eternal life.  What God does promise is that he will stay by our side during the trial and help us through it.”  My father did get healed and was healed a third time from cancer.  He ultimately lived another 30 or so years and experienced a full life.

In the case of chronic illness there is no cure, one can never be healed of the illness.  Even though the illness will never be healed, it doesn’t mean that God does not provide healing.  Healing can occur in many others ways.  I have been hospitalized for Depression six times.  Each time I learn from the experience.  This has allowed me to accept my affliction and I am now able to manage the disease more effectively.  Had I not endured all of those challenges I would not be where I am today.  God healed my fears about my future, provided me strength to endure difficulties and gave me courage to move forward.

It is God’s promise of eternal life that sustains me.  Our lives here on earth are just a short time compared to eternity.  Our sufferings may appear to be long in earthly time but it is only one second in eternity.  This is what I always remind myself of when I start getting discouraged about living with chronic illness.  My suffering now is nothing compared to the glory I will receive in Heaven.  In Heaven there will be no illnesses, no hospitals, no medications and that is something to hope for.


April is Stress Awareness Month.  Everyone experiences stress in life.  Stress is the feeling one gets when one is put under pressure.  This can be from a positive lifesaving event such as saving a person from a burning house or a negative event such as getting mad at a family member.  There are external stressors such as work, traffic, relationships which cannot be controlled.  Then there are internal stressors, those that can be controlled, such as fear, anticipation, or lack of sleep.  I have discovered that the key to handling stress is not trying to eliminate it but learning how to respond to it.

For a person with chronic illness it is especially important to control stress because it can make one’s condition worse.  Stress can cause physical symptoms such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, muscle tension and inflammation.  In my case, stress makes it more difficult for me to manage my Diabetes due to a rise in blood sugar.  It also creates pain because I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia which are aggravated by inflammation in the body.  Therefore, it is important for me to limit the about of stress I experience.

I have learned a few ways to handle stress.  One thing I have learned is to only focus on a situation that affects me directly.  As the saying goes, “not my circus, not my monkeys”.  This idiom really helped realize how much anxiety I feel because I am feeding off of someone else’s issue.  For instance, if my co-worker has a problem I of course want to help but I shouldn’t use all my time to solve my co-worker’s problem.   Instead, I can offer my suggestions and then allow my co-worker to decide the outcome.  This allows me to still help but not take on the burden of another person’s issue.  In addition, this reduces my stress by allowing me to focus on my own work rather than burden myself with an additional task.

The second aspect I have learned is about attitude.  If I go into a situation with a negative outlook the outcome will seem negative.  On the other hand having a positive view will often produce a positive result.  For example, I wake up in the morning thinking “I don’t want to face the day today”.  What usually happens is I end up having a bad day with low productivity.  But, if I wake up feeling ready to accomplish my task list I will more than likely complete my goals for the day.  So, if there is a situation that causes tension and I take on that matter with a good attitude, I will feel less anxious about the circumstances.

The final factor I have learned to deal with is worrying.  Worrying is a synonym of stress.  I used to worry about how I handled situations.  Did I handle it appropriately?  What do others think of me?  I also contemplated about my future.  Am I making the wrong decisions that will affect my future?  What will happen to me as a result of all my illnesses?  A technique I learned from my therapist is Mindfulness Mediation.  This helps me to focus on the present moment by allowing my thoughts to come into my mind then float by like the clouds in the sky.  While thoughts come in and out I concentrate on my current breathing pattern rather than the thoughts.  This trains my mind to focus only on what was happening at the moment.  Things that happened in the past are over and cannot be changed, so what is the purpose of ruminating on it?  Things in the future haven’t happened yet so why ponder it?  This does not mean we cannot plan for the future, it just means not to hoard one’s thoughts with it.

To sum it up. here are my thoughts about stress.  I cannot eliminate stress but by having a positive mindset and focusing on myself in the current moment, I can limit how stress affects me negatively.  I hope these techniques can help others in dealing with stress and thinking about stress as a positive rather than a negative.


Wow, we are already at the end of the 1st quarter of the year!  I started this year with taking the Love Me Challenge.  This helped me gain insight into loving myself more.  It was my first action towards my goal of improving balance in my life.  If I first love myself, everything else should fall in place behind it.

Because I started the year with the challenge, I did not have a opportunity to share my word for 2017.  Instead of a list of New Year resolutions I choose a motivational word for the year.  Can you guess what it is?  Yes, it is ACTION!  I am at a better place now with my medical issues stabilizing.  The next step to progress is to act on making changes.  My ultimate goal is to maintain awesome dynamism using my 6M method.  I introduced this concept last year. (My 6M’s are:  Medicate, Movement, Manage, Meditate, Motivate, and Maturate).  Life got in the way and I was not able to accomplish my goals therefore; I am tired of just talking about making changes.  It is now time to just do it!

So, my second action this year was to get a new insulin pump that has a continuous glucose monitor.  This device displays my blood sugar level so I can monitor it all day long allowing me to react faster to highs and lows.  I think this will help keep my blood sugar more stable during times when I am having a flare-up from the Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis.  The stress of these two illnesses increases my blood sugar making Diabetes management difficult.

My third action for the year was purchasing a Simply Fit board.  This is a balance board one stands on, then twisting the body, moves the board side to side.  It is a great workout for the whole body.  I leave my board at work and use it during my morning and afternoon 15 minute breaks.  This gives me 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Currently I do not do it for a full 15 minutes at a time but that is my goal.  Movement, exercise, is one of the more challenging of the 6M’s to accomplish because I always feel like I don’t have the time.  Doing it on my breaks at work is double benefit.  Not only can I squeeze exercise in my day, it also gives me a break from sitting at the computer.

Writing this blog post has motivated me more since it is evident that I am actually starting to take action!  I am excited to see what will happen in the next quarter of this year!


This challenge has solidified what is important.  I love my husband (not that I didn’t before!) my family, my dog and now myself.  I have learned that besides all the heartache and complications I have encountered, I have a beautiful life.  I have finally learned that comparing my life to others isn’t what is important.  What is important is that I have happiness, passion, and a joy within my soul.


I have accepted that I am a courageous person with great perseverance.  I need to embrace the person I am and accept the gracious compliments people give to me.  I have forgiven myself for feeling inadequate and have accepted to love myself as I am.