Support Group

Support Group Meeting

Join this group to learn self-management tools for living a balanced life with enduring sickness.

We do not have a start date established as we are currently seeking members.  To register, please fill out the application form below.  The fee will be $20 per session.


  • Danya Boyer – Support Group Coordinator
  • Elva Jonsdottir – Licensed Mental Health Therapist


  1. Let Me Manage My Self
  2. Being Still (Meditation)
  3. Mind over Medication
  4. Nurturing Body and Spirit (Managing Food and Exercise)
  5. Feeling Good (Manage Feelings)
  6. Handling Affairs (Manage Home and Relationships)
  7. Strong and Steady (Motivate and Maturate)
  8. Follow-up session

Location: 924 N. Magnolia Avenue,  Orlando, FL  32803


Support Group Mission Statement

The purpose of this group is to empower each other, through sharing experiences and giving support, to promote dynamism in those who live with Multiple Autoimmune Disorders and other Chronic Illnesses.

This is accomplished by using a comprehensive approach to maintain mental, physical, spiritual and pathological balance in life while living with Chronic Illnesses.



Thank you for joining!



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